Ashtanga Yoga Queens

This is the website for John Schneider Ashtanga yoga teaching in Queens NY.

Since the pandemic I have been teaching privately.

I also have a small private group class currently meeting 3-4 days a week in the mornings starting at 7am in Forest Hills it has yet spots available.

(the class is mysore style meaning that students may come for class anytime between 7:00 and 9:30)

about this kind of yoga

Ashtanga is not really different from other kinds of yoga. It’s real distinction is that is has a traditional way of being taught. Rather than focusing on the teacher leading a whole class through the same routine – ashtanga students are taught a sequence of yoga that they learn eventually to practice without prompts from a teacher.

This leaves the student free to practice at their own pace and start at their own time. This is why students may come and do their yoga practice anytime between 7 and 9:30. It also means that the teacher is free to help students with poses and teach in-depth because they are not busy talking the whole class through the poses.


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about me

I have been practicing Ashtanga since my first exposure to it in 1995. When I first practiced with a teacher I immediately knew I had found my bodies home. My arms and my mind were tingling all the way home from my first class with Ryan Speilman. 10 years studying daily with Eddy Stern and several trips to study with Sharath in Mysore make me the teacher I am.